Application Statistics

How many applications are filed each year?

Generally we receive between 80-90 applications.

How many applicants are admitted?

We usually admit 10-15 PHD applicants and 10-15 MA applicants. The actual number varies with each application pool. The numbers are determined each year through consultation between the Chair of the department and the faculty. The Graduate Admissions Committee, headed by the Faculty Graduate Advisor and staffed with rotating members from the faculty, make the final selections in consultation with the entire religious studies faculty.

How many applicants are admitted with funding?

This varies each year, but generally between 30-50% of the incoming group receive some kind of funding. Only a few top-ranked candidates can be nominated for central fellowships (which include merit-based fellowships and merit-with-diversity fellowships) from the Graduate Division. Others might receive departmental funding if it is available. Still others come in with their own extramural funding.

(seeĀ — any Humanities student may apply for this before and during their first year of graduate study only.

International Applicants: Unfortunately it is very seldom that international students are awarded funding through our department, as the costs of supporting their non-resident fees and tuition each term are quite high.

Please note that international applicants must examine all funding sources carefully to make sure they qualify. Many are restricted to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

How many graduate students are in your program?

Our overall number of registered students has remained at about 22-25.

How competitive is entrance to the MA II program?

We review the applications to the MA II as strictly as all the other applications. Although the program is shorter and has fewer requirements, the applicants will still be attending regular graduate seminars and must demonstrate in their applications that they have the academic strength to participate fully in a graduate program.