Daoxiong Guan

Daoxiong Guan
M.A., Washington University in St. Louis; M.A., Nanjing University (China)


Coordinator of the Chinese Language Program

Specialization: Chinese Language & Chinese Classical Literature

Office: HSSB 2241



Daoxiong Guan is a senior lecturer of the Chinese Language Program. Over the past 20+ years at UCSB, he has taught Chinese courses at all levels in different subjects, including Modern Chinese (elementary, intermediate and advanced levels), Modern Chinese for Heritage Speakers (elementary and intermediate levels), Conversational Chinese (intermediate-low and advanced levels), Reading and Writing in Chinese, Business Chinese (intermediate and advanced levels) and Classical Chinese. His research interests mainly focus on two areas: Business Chinese and classical Chinese literature. Before coming to UCSB, he taught at the University of Oregon, Washington University, and Nanjing University (China) where he has been a concurrent associate professor since 1997. He is an academic advisor for the Overseas Chinese Language Research Center at Jinan University in China since 2007. In 2010, he has become the advisory committee member at the Center for International Business Chinese Education & Resources Development (Shanghai) in Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SUFE), China.



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Selected Articles

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Courses Taught

  • Chinese 1-2-3 : Elementary Chinese
  • Chinese 4-5-6 : Intermediate Chinese
  • Chinese 125: Business Chinese