Life in Santa Barbara

"Mission Santa Barbara" Edwin Deakin - circa 1899
“Mission Santa Barbara”
Edwin Deakin – circa 1899

Santa Barbara, CA is one of the oldest urban settlements in the United States. Originally the site of the Chumash people, it was first visited by a Spanish expedition in 1542, and settled by the Spaniards in 1769.

Santa Barbara is much more than a beautiful resort town. It enjoys a rich cultural life, thanks to its numerous theaters, art galleries, and cultural organizations. Various first-rate cultural events take place throughout the year, such as the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, performing arts and classical music seasons and festivals, jazz and rock concerts, as well as events related to its rich culinary and ethnological traditions.

Santa Barbara is endowed with an excellent network of public transportation (buses and trains) and an airport with frequent flights to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, and elsewhere.


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