5-Year B.A./M.A. Program

The 5-year B.A./M.A. program is designed for UCSB undergraduate majors in Chinese or Japanese who wish to pursue graduate education at the M.A. level. The program allows students to work concurrently towards a B.A. degree in Chinese or Japanese and an M.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies. These degrees already exist as separate entities, the B.A. normally requiring four years and the M.A. normally requiring two years. With the 5-year program, students complete advanced language work and further their knowledge in Chinese or Japanese studies at the M.A. level by doing graduate coursework in the discipline(s) of their choice within those represented by department faculty expertise. In their third year, students must enroll in an Education Abroad Program in their country of specialization.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE 5-YEAR PROGRAM ARE SUBMITTED DURING THE FALL OF THE YEAR ABROAD, following the same procedures as students applying for the 2-year M.A. graduate degree. Applicants must submit an online application along with the application fee and these documents:

  • Statement of Purpose, Writing Sample, and Resume or CV
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts

A consultation with the undergraduate advisor is strongly recommended at the end of the first year of B.A. study or early in the second year, in order to plan for the program and coordinate class choices to meet the 5-year goal.


YEAR 1          Language and coursework to satisfy major requirements. (Intensive language courses can also be taken in summer.)

YEAR 2          Language and coursework to satisfy major requirements. Apply to EAP for 3rd-year study abroad.

YEAR 3          EAP year abroad to advance language study and coursework for the major. Note: You must have completed 2 years of an East Asian language by the time you go abroad and must take advanced classes in that language while studying abroad. Take the GRE in time to apply to the EALCS 5-year program by the fall application deadline. Apply to the 5-year program by the fall application deadline.

YEAR 4          Complete BA requirements, and begin MA requirements.

YEAR 5          Complete M.A. requirements.

For graduate course offerings, see the Course Catalog.