Graduate Students

Chang, Li-TingLate Imperial Chinese Literature, Taiwan Literature and Culture
Chung, Raymond Katsuki ObaraJapanese Premodern and Modern Intellectual History, Religion and
Deleu, HanneGender and Biopolitics in Modern Japan; Motherhood, Childcare, Infant Nutrition, and Wartime
Finlay, MeaganJapanese Theatre, Spectatorship/Fan Studies, Gender
Friedman, Ursula DeserContemporary Chinese/Taiwanese/Latin American Literature and Translation
Fryberger, PatrickMedia and Game Studies in Contemporary
Wed. 10 AM-12 PM
Gabrielson, CarlMilitary-Civilian Relations in Japan and the U.S.-Japan Security
Harris, SabraContemporary Japan, Indigenous Studies, Ainu Identity, Folklore and
Lee, SoohyunEast Asian Intellectual History
Modern Chinese Literature
Late Qing Novel
HSSB 2233
Levine, RachelGender Discrimination and Sexual Violence, Sex Trafficking in East Asia, Gender and Sexuality
Liang, YuanReligious Revival in Contemporary China, Religion and
Liu, YanContemporary Chinese Literature, Culture, and History; Film and Media
Ma, YimingModern Chinese and Japanese Literature, Labor History, Proletarian Culture, Affect & Political
Moore, KeitaContemporary Japanese and Korean
Ni, WinniModern and Contemporary Japanese Literary Studies; Plurilingual Writing; Translingual Literacy and Pedagogy; Affect Theory; Cognitive Approaches to Literature; Gender and Women's Studies;
HSSB 2219 or via Zoom
F21 T/Th 12 - 1 pm for W2; Th 12 - 12: 30 pm for EH INT 36TS and by appointment
Reichenbaecher, ChristophSumo as professionalized performance art during early modern
Rodriguez, NatalyaMaterial Culture of Japan, Anthropology of Dress, Asian Migration and
Serrano, AlexanderModern Chinese Literature, Disability Studies, and Chinese Diaspora in Latin
Ugoretz, KaitlynReligion in Japan, Digital Religion, Popular
HSSB 2257
12:30-1:30 TW (Zoom by appt)
Wang, WandiClassical Chinese literature, Song dynasty literati taste, Gastropoetics
Wu, SusieContemporary Chinese Literature, Film, and Cultural
Xu, TengContemporary Chinese