Language Programs & Placement Tests

A Placement Test is required before signing up for a language course at UCSB for students who have previously taken language classes or have a background in the following East Asian Language: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. If you are interested in taking Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language classes at UCSB, the placement tests are usually offered during the first week at the start of each quarter. Students new to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean do not need to take a Placement Test, they can register for first year classes offered every year in the Fall quarter.

Please check back in August 2020 for more information re: Fall 2020 Placement Tests such as dates, times, and how to sign up. 

If you are planning to take a Placement Test to clear area B, or 6 to 9 quarters of language requirements for a Major or Minor, please wait until a new exam has been scheduled. If you need to be cleared sooner in order to graduate, please email the undergraduate advisor: Alyson Alexander at

It is recommended that students take the Language Placement Test in the Fall.

Language Class Sequence

The East Asian Language courses are offered in an annual sequence. A typical schedule for the language courses for each quarter are listed below:

Year: Fall Quarter: Winter Quarter: Spring Quarter:
1st year CHIN 1/1NH, JAPAN 1, KOR 1 CHIN 2/2NH, JAPAN 2, KOR2 CHIN 3/3NH, JAPAN 3, KOR 3
2nd year CHIN 4/4NH, JAPAN 4, KOR 4 CHIN 5/5NH, JAPAN 5 CHIN 6, JAPAN 6
3rd year CHIN122A, JAPAN 120A CHIN122B, JAPAN 120B CHIN122C, JAPAN 120C

Please contact Alyson Alexander, EALCS Academic Advisor for questions and information.