Hanne Deleu

Hanne Deleu

Specialization: Gender and Biopolitics in Modern Japan; Motherhood, Childcare, Infant Nutrition, and Wartime Charity

Personal Website: https://www.eastasian.ucsb.edu/people/students/

My research centers around the biopolitical perception, gendering, instruction, and instrumentalization of (un)reproductive bodies in modern Japan, focusing specifically on the changing social expectations and norms related to breastfeeding and alternative infant feeding methods.


Academic History:

M.A., Transcultural Studies – Heidelberg University, Germany (2018–2020)

M.A., Japanese Studies – Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (2017–2018)

B.A., Japanese Studies – Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium (2013–2017)


Academic Awards and Activities:

2021   Heidelberg University Research Assistant Project “The Tokyo Imperial University Settlement House: Challenging Social Inequality in Interwar Japan”

2021    Public Lecture at Heidelberg University (Institute of Japanese Studies) on the topic
“When Breast is Bested: Public Discourse on Breastfeeding in Japan between 1900 and 1940”

2021    Granted JSPS Summer Program scholarship

2019–2020    Granted DAAD International Study and Training Partnerships scholarship (Yale University, student exchange)

2019    Presenter at the Deutsche Soldaten in japanischer Kriegsgefangenschaft (1914–
1920): Neue Quellen und Perspektiven Conference

2018    Presenter at the 11th Kansai University EU Workshop

2018    Publication: Hanne Deleu. “Een Unieke Schenking.” Ex Officina 31, no. 20 (2018): 14–5. ISSN: 0772-6848.

2018    Production “Japan and the Great War” exhibition at the In Flanders Fields Museum

2016–2017    Granted JASSO Scholarship (Kyushu University, student exchange)

2015–2018    Peer Assistant Learning Coach/Tutor (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium)

2015    Participant Nara Women’s University Mahoroba Summer Program