Linshan Jiang

Linshan Jiang

Specialization: modern and contemporary literature and film in Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan; trauma and memory studies; gender and sexuality studies; queer studies; comparative literature and translation studies

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My dissertation examines how female writers craft memories of war experiences in their works about the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). While narratives of war tend to be dominated by masculinist and nationalist discourses, female writers, I argue, transcend the conventional remembrance of the war, demonstrating their subjectivity through affective intimacy and the emotional labor of shared, embodied memory. I focus on the fictional and nonfictional writings of three female authors, namely, the Japanese writer Hayashi Fumiko (1903-1951) and two immigrant writers from China to North America, Nieh Hualing (1925- ) and Zhang Ling (1957- ).

Academic History

M.A. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
B.A. Foreign Languages Department, Beijing Sport University, Beijing, China


Co-chairs: Dr. Yunte Huang, Dr. Kuo-Ch’ing Tu
Committee Members: Dr. Sabine Frühstück, Dr. Catherine Nesci

Working Experience

Teaching Associate
EACS 181ML Special Topics in East Asian Studies (Memory in the Literatures and Films of East Asia) for Summer Session B 2021 online
Chin 138A Special Topics in Taiwan Studies – Humanities (Voices: Gender and Sexuality in Taiwan and Beyond) for Spring 2021 online
Teaching Assistant
Chin 1, 2, 3 (Chinese Language) for 2018-2019, Chin 1 for Fall 2020 online (as instructor)
Chin 1, 2, 3 (Chinese Language) for 2017-2018, 2021-2022, Chin 2 for Winter 2021 online, Chin 1 for Fall 2021 (as teaching assistant)
Chin 80 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature for Fall 2019 and Summer Session A 2020 online
Chin 35 Introduction to Taiwan Literature for Spring 2020 online
Eacs 4A Introduction to East Asian Traditions (Pre-Modern) for Winter 2020
Research Assistant
“Information Literacy in East Asian Studies: Bridging the Gap and Creating a Framework Companion” for Summer 2021
“Digital Humanities Program: Chinese Poetry in Translation” for Winter 2021 and Summer 2021
Journal Coordinating Work for Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series for Fall 2020


  • 2022 “Queer Vocals and Stardom on Chinese TV: Case Studies of Wu Tsing-Fong and Zhou Shen.” Queer TV China. Hong Kong University Press. (forthcoming)
  • 2019 “Transforming Emotional Regime: Pai Hsien-yung’s Crystal Boys.” Queer Cats Journal of LGBTQ Studies, vol. 4, pp. 87-105.
  • 2019 English Translation of “From Modern Literature to Bamboo Hat.” Taiwan Literature English Translation Series, no. 44, pp. 13-24.
  • 2017 English Translation of “The Historical Background to the Founding of Modern Literature and Its Spiritual Orientation—Foreword for the Reissue of Modern Literature.” Taiwan Literature English Translation Series, no. 40, pp. 131-42.
  • 2016 “The Interdisciplinary Studies of Translation and Memory—Book Review of Mapping Memory in Translation.” Asia Pacific Translation and Interdisciplinary Studies, pp. 117-24.
  • 2015 Book Review of “Can these bones live?: translation, survival, and cultural memory.” Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies, pp. 74-77.
  • 2015 Chinese Translation of Introduction of “Can these bones live?: translation, survival, and cultural memory.” Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Translation Studies, pp. 57-70.


  • 2021 Queering the Intergenerational Remembrance of the Martial Law Period. Remembering Taiwan’s Martial Law Conference, The Australian National University, Australia, Online, July 27-30.
  • 2021 Rewriting War Memory and Negotiating Chineseness in Nieh Hua-ling’s Three Lives. Annual Conference of Memory Studies Association, University of Warsaw, Poland, July 5-9.
  • 2021 “Infrastructures” of Memory in Literature, Performance & Museums: Narrating Violence in Modern Japan & Taiwan. Panel, organizer, Annual Conference of the Association of Asian Studies, Online, March 21-26.
  • 2020 Hayashi Fumiko’s In-betweens: Gendering Sites of War Memory. Contesting Memorial Spaces in the Asia-Pacific. Hosted by Kyushu University Border Studies, Japan, Online, Nov 6-7.
  • 2020 Wanderers’ Past and Future Nostalgia: Nieh Hualing’s First and Last Novels. SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School. Hosted by SOAS University of London, UK, Online, Jul 6-10.
  • 2020 Wandering and Turning: Hayashi Fumiko and Her Reflection on War Responsibility. Memory and Political Responsibility: A Conference by UCLA Working Group in Memory Studies. Hosted by UC Los Angeles, Feb. 28-29.
  • 2019 Individual Trauma and National Trauma: Women Dealing with Rape in Hayashi Fumiko’s Floating Clouds and Zhang Ling’s A Single Swallow. 73rd Rocky Annual Convention of the RMMLA, El Paso, TX, Oct 10-12.
  • 2019 Women Writing War Memories. XXII International Comparative Literature Association Congress, Macau SAR, China, Jul 29-Aug 2.


  • 2020 Trauma, War and Memory: In Conversation with Award-winning Author Zhang Ling. Roundtable. Hosted by University of Houston, TX, Online, Nov 21.
  • 2020 Serious Literature? Popular Literature?: Japanese Female Writers from Hayashi Fumiko to Kirino Natsuo. Guest lecture, “Popular Culture in Japan,” Carl Gabrielson, UCSB, July 6.
  • 2020 Gender and War Memory in Japan: Anime Film In This Corner of the World. Guest lecture, “Media and Japanese Society,” Dr. Silke Werth, UCSB, Apr 22.
  • 2019 The Film Mulan and Gender Performativity. Guest lecture, “Masterpieces of Chinese Literature,” Prof. Thomas J. Mazanec, UCSB, Dec 5.
  • 2019 Guest lecture, “The Art of Translation,” Katie Jan, UCSB, Nov 25. 2019 From Sites of Memory to Travelling Memory: Facing (in) Hiroshima mon amour, Level Five, H Story and A Letter from Hiroshima. Hosted by Guangxi University, Nanning, China, Sept 2.
  • 2019 “Who Is Afraid of the Chinese Modern Girl?”: Modern Girl in 1930s Chinese Literature and Film. Guest lecture, “The Modern Girl around the World,” Prof. Sabine Frühstück, UCSB, Feb 14.
  • 2017 Translation and Canon Formation of “World” Literature. Hosted by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China, Dec 21.


  • 2019 “Rethinking Trauma Theory,” Prof. Cathy Caruth, The 42nd School of Criticism and Theory. Hosted by Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Jun 16-Jul 25.
  • 2018 “Multi-Scale Literary Studies,” Prof. Jing Tsu, and “Globalization and Its Discontents,” Prof. David Damrosch, The 8th Institute for World Literature. Co-hosted by Harvard University and University of Tokyo at Japan, Jul 2-26.


2017 – present Teaching Assistantship of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, UCSB
2019 – 2020 Mellon Engaging Humanities Graduate Fellows, UCSB
2016 – 2017 Research Assistantship of the Center for Taiwan Studies, UCSB

Academic Activities