Literature and Translation Studies Emphasis

Students in this specialization may deal with one of its three areas or combine more than one. Literary studies include diverse forms of expression (poetic, dramatic, narrative, critical) from the premodern, early modern, modern, and contemporary periods, both as they are rooted in particular contexts and traditions and as they circulate across national and regional boundaries. Topics include literary and cultural theory, aesthetics, reception, discourse, gender, society, and the intersection of literature with visual culture, film, book history, and performance.

Mi Fu - On CalligraphyTranslation studies is broadly defined to encompass discourse about translation, both new and old, theoretical and historical, as it relates to translations within East Asia, into East Asia, and out of East Asia. The focus is principally on literary translation. We maintain a close relationship with the Translation Studies program in Comparative Literature.


William Fleming
Susan Hwang
Xiaorong Li
Thomas Mazanec
Peter Sturman
Fabio Rambelli
Katherine Saltzman-Li
Dominic Steavu
Hangping Xu

Affiliated Faculty:

Yunte Huang